Home Team Friday Pep Rally: Mater Dei High School

Mater Dei High School woke up early with our Daybreak Crew to prepare for their matchup against Castle High School.

The Wildcats pitted their senior girls against female members of the faculty in a game of powder puff to start off the morning.  A few members of the football team and girls soccer team gave us an update on how their seasons are going at Mater Dei as well.  Dave Fields from 99.5 WKDQ also stopped by the pep rally. Our very own Ron Rhodes joined a game of volleyball between the senior boys and male staff of the school. We ended our morning with Dave and Leslie giving their Week 6 predictions, including the Game of the Week involving the Wildcats and Castle Knights.

Several teachers spent the week with their names on buckets being passed around school. The teacher with the most money attached to their name was set to receive a pie to the face. Six faculty members helped raise money for Youth First and suicide prevention.

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