Investigators Release Audio Of Potential Suspect In Delphi Double Murder

ISP says victim recorded sound before she was killed.

A terrible crime in Indiana has fully captured the nation's attention after police release new information and an audio clip of a man that may be involved in a double murder of two teenagers.

Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, were found dead near a creek in Delphi on Valentine's Day, one day after being reported missing.

The two girls were dropped off near Monon High Bridge, which is an abandoned railroad bridge over Deer Creek in Carroll County.

When the girls didn't show up to the place where they were supposed to be picked up a search was initiated. One day later both girls were found and their bodies were sent for autopsy. 

February 15, Indiana State Police confirmed the two bodies found were Abby and Libby. It was also the first time the case was categorized publicly as a homicide.

More than a week later, detectives are still searching for a suspect.

Their only clue is a grainy photo of a man captured near the scene. Wednesday, they released that the photo was taken by Libby German on her cell phone before she was killed.

In the press conference, authorities also released a short audio clip believed to be the voice of a suspect. Authorities also confirmed that the suspect photo was taken from Libby's phone.

In the clip you can hear a voice say, "Go down the hill."

Click here to listen to that newly released audio clip.

Police are continuing to try to identify him. Police are considering Libby "a hero" for having the presence of mind to turn on her phone and record what she could before she died.

Both the FBI and ISP spoke at the press conference, stating that more audio exists but they're keeping it private due to the sensitive nature of the investigation. Law enforcement said they knew very little about the suspect, including whether the person was local or not. They also had no idea if the person was still in the northern Indiana area, or even still in the state at all.

The FBI encouraged anyone who noticed anything strange in a friend's behavior that day to mention something. If anyone canceled an appointment abruptly, or changed their routine around Valentine's Day, it could be key to the case. 

Our sister station WISH-TV in Indianapolis covered Wednesday's update and and you can watch the entire press conference here.

A tip line has been set up for information the case. You can reach authorities by calling 1-844-459-5786.

A reward of more than $40,000 is being offered for information provided that leads to an arrest.

ISP has also created a webpage with any information the public needs to know on the case. Click here to visit the page.

(Pictured above: Abigail Williams (L), Liberty German (R) / Courtesy: Indiana State Police)

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