Is the Eight District 2018 Election Already Underway?

Its no secret Vanderburgh County Democrats are eyeing the 8th district congressional seat, but Incumbent Representative Larry Bucshon thinks the battle has started long before the 2018 election.

You never know until you ask, Indivisible Eighth District Evansville also knows as Indivisible Evansville, a self-defined non-partisan advocacy group tells us they did just that.

They asked Congressman Larry Buschon to hold a town hall on health care.

Indivisible President Edith Hardcastle says they put in a written request for a town hall June 16th.

They then proceded to follow the formal request up with both Buschon's office in Evansville and in Washington D.C.

Still, they say, they never got their answer.

U.S. Representative Larry Bucshon's office sent Eyewitness News this screenshot of a Courier and Press report from earlier this week, indicating Bucshon would hold a town hall in August.

Bucshon's spokesman says it goes further than this, however, saying indivisible isn't just looking for a town hall-- they are "working with the democrats locally to organize a resistance."

But Hardcastle says the group is staying true to its name by not siding with a particular political party.

However, if you ask Vanderburgh County Democratic Chair Scott Danks, resistance may not be so far fetched.

He says Hardcastle is doubling as the democratic party's progressive committee director.

Danks also says Indivisible Evansville and the Vanderburgh Co. Democrats have banded together in a quest to fill the district eight congressional seat with a democrat come the 2018 election.

Danks says when it comes to Indivisible Evansville, keeping Bucshon from re-election is their “sole purpose.”

Bucshon's office has not yet formally announced the August town hall meeting, its date, or location.

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