Journey to Eclipseville: 100 Watch History

On a warm morning in late August, sunlight peaks through the trees in downtown Evansville. A moment of a lifetime is some 80 miles down the road.

Three buses idle their engines, waiting for 100 to climb aboard. They pack light, because the moment won’t last long.

They’re on the way from Evansville Museum to join thousands in Hopkinsville, Ky. They’re looking for prime real estate in the path of total eclipse. Over the Twin Bridges and into the Bluegrass they go.

“It’s a bucket list,” says Brent Nobliett, “I’ve always wanted to see it, I’m an astronomy buff.”

He came from California to see this. “If it’s cloudy and rainy we’re here to see family, if it sunny we’re here for the eclipse,” Nobliett laughs. Fortunately, there’s hardly a cloud in the sky.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, thought I’d just go for it,” says Nick Rounce, who’s a long way from home. “I live near York, which is in the northern part of England,” he adds with a thick British accent.

The moment in his life is now just 15 minutes away. “I’m expecting it to get dark very quickly and the temperature to drop, and after that, who knows,” Rounce smiles.

Pam Jenkins drove from Colorado, despite the eclipse path passing much closer to home. “A lot of people are heading to Wyoming, Casper, and Jackson Hole,” she says, “but even that is shaving off seconds so I drove here.”

All this way for 2 minutes and 40 seconds, and a moment no one will soon forget.

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