KSP Thanks Businesses for Helping Camp Bus Upgrade

Trooper Island Camp is Kentucky State Police Troopers' chance to give disadvantaged kids the summer of their dreams, but for a long time, the bus they took to get there was an issue.

"Because really, it looked hideous. It looked bad. I felt kid of bad for the parents, when this bus pulled up. It looked like a prison bus,” Trooper Corey King said.

King was charged with task of upgrading the motor coach, so he called a group with a first class reputation, First Class Services.

The automotive shop offered to repaint the bus for free.

"But these other companies around, these other businesses within Owensboro, were all kind of like, they to want to be part of this, so once they found that first class was doing this at no charge to our non-profit organization, well they were like well we can do this too,” King said.

Whayne supply did some tinkering under the hood, Songbird Productions captured the whole process on video, and DMC Graphics chipped in too.

"Something for kids, you know. The way it was before seemed a little dark and dreary, and so we wanted it happy and fun,” DMC Graphics Owner David McGary said. "I think it shows their heart, and where their intent is, and help out where they can, you know, those that have done well want to contribute and give back."

"Within five months later, we had a phenomenal looking bus,” King said. "And I venture to say, if we were to put a dollar to it, it would be a 15 to 20 thousand dollar job."

So the bus looked good, but the proof was on the faces of parents and their kids who would be riding it.

"It was a completely different reaction from the parents than what I’ve been used to for years,” King said. "It was like the kids started cheering, and they were just excited. We had the most kids right here in Daviess County that went with our group this year."

KSP already busses around 800 kids to the camp every summer, and with the new and improved set of wheels, troopers are expecting an even bigger group next summer.

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