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KY Vehicle Headlight Bill Signed into Law

A bill to standardize the color of vehicle headlights and rear lights in Kentucky, brought forth by State Senator Dorsey Ridley (D-Henderson), has been signed into law.

State Sen. Ridley's bill restricts modifications of vehicles with certain kinds of replacement headlights and rear lights.

The new law will take effect July 1.

State Sen. Ridley brought said the issue was brought to his attention by citizens and law enforcement officers across the state.

“Several people complained to me about the super bright headlights and different colors on some vehicles and they were distracting. It was becoming a real safety issue. This distraction was presenting a real danger for drivers,” said Ridley.

The new law will prohibit vehicles from emitting anything other than white light. It requires all headlamps to meet US Department of Transportation regulations, prohibits headlamps that appear to emit a solid color other than white, prohibits headlamp covers or film that changes the color, outlines provisions for front and rear lighting of a vehicle, and it exempts original equipment lighting installed by the manufacturer.

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