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Lawmakers, business owners react to Gov. Bevin veto decision

As this year's session of the Kentucky General Assembly winds down, Governor Bevin announces his veto of two major bills: the budget and the tax reform bill.

Both bills passed the house and senate last week.

As these dogs get their fur cut at The Dapper Dog Grooming in Owensboro, owner Ashley Coomes says the recent tax reform bill, which included extending the state sales tax to dog grooming and 16 other services not taxes yet, would have cut too close to her customers and her business.

"It would add costs to their budget for pet grooming, but it wouldn't add a cost to our living," she says.

Dog grooming was one of those that would see taxes added in the recently passed tax reform bill. Coomes says Governor Bevin's veto came as a relief.

"Prices wouldn't go up and pet owners would stay happy and we would stay happy," says Coomes.

Governor Bevin says both tax reform and budget bills weren't doing enough to improve the state's financial situation, which has been affected by the ongoing pension crisis and debates over recently approved fixes. He adds the bills negatively impact the state's financial reserves, and could potentially harm Kentucky's ability to add more jobs.  State budget officials say the tax reform bill's revenue projections could be off by at least tens of millions of dollars.

"He sees the issues about it not being done properly," says State Sen. Dorsey Ridley, D-Henderson County. He voted against both bills and says more input and a more open process is needed in both bills 

"Bring the stake holders. Bring people in," says State Sen. Ridley. "They did all behind closed doors. Nobody knew what they were doing. The governor didn't even know. Only one set of eyes looked at this. That's why they have an error in excess of $100 million."

Lawmakers need a simple majority in both houses to override the vetoes.

State Representative D.J. Johnson, R-Daviess County, who co-sponsored the budget bill, tells us both bills are fiscally responsible, but he does look forward to meeting with governor bevin on them. Lawmakers are expected back in Frankfort this Friday.

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(This story was originally published April 9, 2018)

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