Local Drivers React to New iPhone Texting and Driving Feature

Apple is known for its iPhones, but one new feature is taking something away instead of adding something new.

A new prospective feature would block incoming texts while driving.

Something Jake Farrell, an Evansville driver says could protect other people from learning to put their phone down while driving the hard way after losing his best friend in a texting and driving accident a couple of years ago.

Farrell said, "I think this app is probably one of the best ideas that can come out right now to keep people safe."

The new feature will block texts from users who have their phone hooked up to their car bluetooth, through a cable, and can also register speed much like Snapchat can now.

Apple says the feature will have an option for passengers to receive texts in a moving car.

The feature will block most apps but will still allow drivers to access ones like i-Maps or Google maps for directions.

Apple plans on releasing the new feature with its IOS 11 update in the fall.

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