Local Transgender Veteran Responds to Trump Tweet

Max Hedon is many things. A veteran, a person who is transgender, and a fighter.  Even after his time was up in the army, he says when it comes to the President's push against people who are transgender in the military, there's one last battle left to fight.

Life has its battles, Max Hedon, an army veteran knows that very well, but for him, he says the hardest battle was the one with himself.

Hedon said,”I first came out as a lesbian when I was in the military, I thought that I just liked girls and that was it. After some solid deliberation and introspective in myself I realized I was actually transgender.”

A journey to acceptance that proved harder once he enlisted.

“I just got pushed to the side, I was ostracized, pushed to the side, and no one really tried to help me to see what was going on with that soldier,” Hedon said.

A fight that Hedon, three years later, still says was worth fighting.

“Serving in the military smoothed out my edges and I don't think i could have got that anywhere else,” said Hedon.

Long after his time is up in the reserve, Hedon says one battle is still not won.

“Where already they were teetering on the brink of acceptance and non-acceptance they're saying 'well, the President, the Commander in Chief who is in charge of this allegedly says these things are a distraction, its expensive, we're not going to allow it,” said Hedon.

But no matter what, Hedon says this soldier is still ready for battle when it comes to equality for people who are transgender.

Hedon says the military did not front the bill for any of his surgeries during transition.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Office of the Secretary of Defense who declined to comment on the tweet. A spokesperson told us to contact the white house.

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