Massive Barn Fire: The Day After

It was 12:30 in the morning Sunday before the Scott Township Fire Department was able to contain a large barn fire on Korff Road.

It took the help of nearly every other Vanderburgh County fire department, and while the damage is certainly bad, the family who owns the farm thinks things could have been worse.

"I had no idea that a fire could take off and burn that quick,” Steve Burgdorf said. “Yeah, flames were shooting a good 50 feet up in the air."

Burgdorf has lived just across the street from the Schmidt family farm for 37 years.

"They’ve been pretty good neighbors,” he said.

So when the fire broke out, Burgdorf was fearing the worst, and so were others watching on what is normally a quite Korff Road.

A day later, the smoke and flames still persist, and the family is left to pick up the pieces.

"Right away you have to feel terribly sorry for anybody that suffers and kind of a fire,” Burgdorf said.

The family believes it started with a tractor one of the family members was working on.

He says he's not sure if it was bad wiring or an oil leak, but right now, that's not his top priority. That would be cleaning up the mess left from the tens of thousands of dollars worth of destroyed equipment and infrastructure.

That includes an enclosure close to the base of the fire, but luckily all of its inhabitants made it out on their own unscathed.

"Cows are a strange animal. Nothing seems to really bother them,” Burgdorf said. “Whatever cows was in there did get out. There was no loss of life on the cattle part. There was no loss of life or injury on the human part."

One of the farm owners says her Facebook has been filled with people asking if the cows are okay. Despite the destruction, she said she is grateful.

"Everything that they lost in the fire can be replaced,” Burgdorf said.

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