Neighbors: Explosion Sounded like a Car Hit the House

Two are dead and three others injured after a home explosion in Evansville

Two people are confirmed to be dead and three others injured after an Evansville neighborhood was rocked by an explosion on Tuesday morning. Many people in the neighborhood are wondering what happens next.

Authorities are still looking into how all of this happened.

The home where the blast originated in the 1700 block of Hercules Dr. was leveled to the ground.

The initial calls were reported first around 8:30 a.m.

A fire investigation is still underway.

Fire investigators don't have a confirmed cause but it's believed to have been caused by some sort of gas.

The explosion rattled windows in the neighborhood on Tuesday morning and word of the explosion traveled fast.

Even people who weren't home quickly learned about what happened and rushed to call loved ones.

Eyewitness News spoke with a woman who was volunteering at SWIRCA and lives just a couple of blocks from Hercules.

She said people were talking and she had a hard time focusing without knowing if her family was safe.

Sandra Daniels said, “It was scaring me because there's two of them in my house, and so I needed to find out what's going on – because I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing, you know. And so, anyhow, we get it all figured out as soon as I got ahold of a cell phone.”

Other neighbords who were home said the explosion sounded like a car hit their house.

One man said it knocked a picture off his wall.

Many went outside and saw a plume of smoke.

The Battallion Fire Chief on the scene said the firefighters will continue searching the debris.

They're still working to find out what caused the house to explode.

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