New Bus System in Madisonville Up and Running

Madisonville's new city bus system is up and running. Two buses started taking people to their destination earlier this week.

It's the first week for Bryan Parker behind the wheel.

"It kind of takes some getting used to because it's a bigger than a normal vehicle," he says. "Haven't had anybody give me much trouble."

Driving passengers like Adam Parish, who was taking his first trip on Madisonville's new bus.

"I love it. It's real comfortable," Parish says.

In it's first days of service, dozens of residents used the new system, which travels on 42 miles of city roads on two routes, each taking 48 minutes past neighborhoods and businesses. 

"My father told me, back when he was younger, Madisonville had a bus service that went as far as Morton's Gap,"  Parker recalled.

Parish says he likes it because it makes it easier to get somewhere, on a day when Mother Nature wasn't making it easy for anyone.

"Hard to take groceries back home, like a mile away from the house, in the hot, and cold weather, when its raining," he says.

"We know for a fact that being without transportation is a barrier for getting to work. It's a barrier for getting to health services, and even though you may not see those walking around because they're not able to. So you supply the bus service, and people will find a way to use it," says Ken Johnston of Pennyrile Area Community Services, who runs the bus routes. Johnston also says they hope to have 5,000 riders in its first year, and they hope to beat expectations here, just like they did in Hopkinsville.

That system got 20,000 riders in year one, when they predicted only 5,000. Parish says he expects more to use it to get around town.

"I had a couple of friends that has heard about it and they're going to start riding it here soon too," says Parish.

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