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New Kentucky Headlight Law To Apply to Anyone Driving On State Roadways

"People just think they look cool, I mean there is really no rhyme or reason to it,” Daniel Glaser with Evansville Auto and Truck Accessories said.

Head lights, rear lights, red lights, blue lights.

But with a new bill being signed into law, the Bluegrass State will be sticking to black and white, along with anyone in-state or out-of-state traveling on its roadways.

Keith Todd with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said,"so far as I know, this applies to all vehicles traveling through Kentucky, and its one of those things were when we travel in surrounding states we're supposed to know what the laws are."

The new law prohibits Kentucky drivers from having any other colored headlights besides plain white.

That includes any film or cover that changes the light's color, and any outline provision lights in the front or back.

All things supporting lawmakers and state transportation officials say do more than just make your ride look pretty.

Todd said,"when you're going down the road and you meet somebody that has either odd colored lights or more than normal lights on their vehicle, its a little distracting."

And when it comes to distraction, a little can go a long way.

Todd said,"cell phones, adjusting the radio, yelling at the kids in the backseat, this just helps eliminate those issues."

Some, however, are still not seeing the light.

Stephen Alexander of Evansville said,"I don't see the point of making it illegal because its not like I'm trying to pull someone over with blue lights instead of red and blue flashing lights, for example."

And next time he goes ten miles south, Alexander said,"I would keep them on blue and if I got pulled over I would ask them to explain the law and why its illegal, and I'd be respectful and I'd turn them off, but I'd like to hear from them why exactly its illegal."

But for others, the only lights they need to see are those flashing behind them.

The law will exempt any original lights installed by the manufacturer.

This applies to aftermarket modifications.

It takes effect July 1.

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