Oakland City University Remembers Dr. Claudine Cutchin and Daughter, Adelaide

A Tri-State university suspends its education services to remember two extraordinary lives.

A quiet campus at Oakland City University.
The usual scene of activity was not to be found late this morning.
Students and staff, instead, filing into the Johnson Center to remember two impactful lives cut short.

"Students needed this time, also, I think to be able to see how other students are experiencing this loss, says University Provost Daniel Dunivan. "To see the solidarity of the faculty and their care for them, the staff."

Dr. Claudine Cutchin, a 23 year employee of the university, and her daughter, Adelaide, killed last Thursday evening in a crash in rural Gibson County.

Today, a university family lifting up the loss of a mother and a daughter.

Dunivan says,"I am thankful that I got to know Claudine, especially, and also Adelaide, in my own life and I think that anyone that had a relationship with them is touched to the point where this is something that will take some time to get over."

Dunivan describes the relationship between Claudine and Adelaide as beautiful.
Adelaide had just graduated from OCU in December but her presence was known long before that.

"Adelaide had been here since we was a young girl, had been around with her mother. I remember, I was a student back in the late 1990s and her even being in class with Claudine."

Although their lives taken from the university family Dunivan says the work of Dr. Cutchin and Adelaide will continue on.

"There is already been an endowment scholarship that has been put together in her name and in Adelaide's name for both of them and we expect to use that to fund scholarships for history and social science majors in the years to come."

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