Ohio County protests pension proposal

People across the state of Kentucky rallied together showing support for teachers facing potential pension cuts in a senate bill. 

"We want them to know that they need to find funding for public education," Kristi Wiles says. "Education is important the kids need things every single day."

More than 100 teachers, faculty, staff and community members lines Main Street protesting Senate Bill One, hoping to protect pensions and funding for public education.

"The main thing most people are upset about is money that teachers have prepaid out of their checks and that's some of the money they want to cut," Scott Lewis, the Ohio County Superintendent says. "They've already paid and that's why you're hearing all the uproar."

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says the state has the worst funded pension system in America. 

Bevin says Kentucky could owe $80 billion in pension liability. The proposed bill changes teacher retirement system to a 401-K type program and temporarily reduces teacher cost of living increases. 

Ohio County High School student Miranda Irvan says,"We have a lot of good teachers right now and if you start taking away the money and things they need and they were promised then we're going to start losing good teachers."

The rally was just one of many as people in Owensboro were protesting Senate Bill One over the weekend. 

State senators delayed a vote on the bill Friday and sent it back to a senate committee. 

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(This story was originally published on March 12, 2018)

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