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One dead after Evansville home invasion robbery

One man is dead after a homeowner shot back during an attempted home invasion robbery in Evansville.
"I was sitting in my car minding my own business,” said next door neighbor Sayda Bushrod.
Coker, a usually quiet street, became the scene of a fatal shooting Saturday after 46-year-old Eric Thomas came armed to a home just before noon.
“Then out of the blue it scared me half to death these girls were screaming bloody murder across the street,” said Bushrod.
“When the homeowner came to the door he was armed with a handgun, during the encounter he felt threatened for himself and his wife and juvenile daughter,” said EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum.
According to Evansville Police, the homeowner and Thomas knew each other, but it's not confirmed how.
“There was some type of exchange between him and the alleged home invasion robbery suspect there was an exchange of gunfire,” said Sgt. Cullum.
Police arrived on scene and believe Thomas was attempting a home invasion robbery.
He was shot multiple times by the homeowner and taken to a nearby hospital where he later died.
“Very confused considering what time of day it was and we are not aware of any problems with anyone in the household,” said the homeowner’s relative Emily Parker, “I just think it was the lord's protection over this household.”
Parker is grateful her relatives are okay but is still left with questions. 
“I guess good thing they had protection cause it’s.dangerous out here I guess. It's a mess,” saidBushrod.
Indiana has a castle doctrine which gives the right to protect yourself, family and home.
EPD is still investigating and continues to search for other witnesses and evidence.
If you have any information, call the We Tip hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME.

(This article was originally published June 2, 2018)

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