Pie Pan Gets New Owner, Still Same Delicious Dessert

An Evansville legend in pies is walking away after three decades in the business.

Her journey began years ago, working to pay the bills. It blossomed into a lifelong dream, making unforgettable memories along the way.

Libby Lear is moving on, but the north side favorite isn’t going away. Step through “The Pie Pan” door and step back in time, where family comes first and good food a close second.

“I love it!” Libby laughs, “I love the customers, I love the employees, I love Evansville.”

She has run the pie pan for 32 years. Now at the age of 73, she admits her memory isn’t what it used to be… but she remembers all the love. “All my energy, all my life is put into this restaurant,” she says.

Libby has watched kids grow up. Generations have come through her door. Now it’s Jackie Weil’s turn to watch the dough rise. “What a legacy to try to live up to, right? She's the pie guru, how do you top that?”

Jackie waited tables at The Pie Pan for 13 years. Now she’s the new boss.

“She’s young, she’s energetic, she remembers things,” Libby says. But she’ll never forget the recipes. “It’s right here!” she adds, tapping her temple.

Libby is leaving, but her pies are still piping. In just a couple of weeks, the restaurant will close for a month to remodel, but the menu won’t change.

It just gives the cherry on top of the Evansville icon’s career.

“Yeah, well sure, I’ll miss it,” she says, as confident as ever.

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