Posey County Man Accused of Attempted Murder

Posey County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man on charges of attempted murder, criminal confinement, kidnapping, battery resulting in serious bodily injury, and strangulation.

On July 12, Posey County deputies responded to a reported stabbing in the 3500 block of Pfister Rd.

Authorities said 41-year-old Jason Haggard, the suspect in the case, was discovered to have multiple cut wounds.

Authorities said they also discovered the victim, 31-year-old Ashley Fuhs of Wadesville. According to authorities, she had many contusions to her head and face along with scratches to her legs and arms.

During the investigation, authorities said it was alleged that Haggard and Fuhs had gotten into an argument.

Haggard allegedly began hitting and beating Fuhs while on a drive home after spending time together throughout the day.

The alleged battery continued when they arrived at the address on Pfister Rd. when Haggard allegedly pulled Fuhs from the passenger side of his pick-up truck.

At one point, authorities said Haggard wrapped a belt around her neck and strangled her.

Authorities said Fuhs was able to arm herself with a knife and run outside to a corn field to hide at some point. However, authorities said Haggard followed her.

Haggard allegedly battered Fuhs in the field when she was able to access the knife and allegedly stabbed Haggard near the neck and on the arm.

Fuhs was able to get away and get help, according to authorities.

While medical personnel attempted to aid Haggard, he allegedly became uncooperative. Haggard was told he was under arrest and he allegedly began to walk away. Deputies once again told him to stop and he allegedly took an aggressive stance toward the deputies. Ultimately, authorities said they warned Haggard of the taser and when he allegedly did not comply, the taser was used on Haggard.

Haggard was initially transported to Deaconess Hospital for injuries. Once released, he was sent to the Posey County Jail where he is being held on $50,000 cash bond.

(This story was originally published on July 13, 2017)

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