Posey Humane Society Tackling Feral Cat Issue

"It's a sad situation for everybody," says Tina Parker, President of Posey Humane Society Board.

Over a thousand feral cats roam around in Posey County every day. Cats scared of humans, coming out usually at night and the problem has only gotten worse.

Parker says it’s mainly due to people feeding and not fixing

Posey Humane Society is trying to make a dent in the growing number.

"So the goal is we trap them, we transport them over to Vanderburgh Humane Society who works really well with us. They spay and neuter them, we pick them up and release them back where we trapped them,” says Parker. 

Telling the community that just feeding them is not enough.

"But if you're gonna feed them you need to be responsible and help us get them fixed so that they're not reproducing continuously," says Parker. 

In May they started making weekly trips to Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Fixing around 100 cats, but with limited money and resources they're asking the community for help.

"It's sad because they're fighting every day for what they're gonna eat where they're gonna sleep,” says Parker. 

Even offering to let people use their traps. Only costing $30 for males and $50 for females brought in in live traps.

"It makes such a huge difference. Animals that are fixed don't tend to roam as far they will try to stay in the same area. They're much happier and healthier," says Parker.

But if you get them fixed, make sure to release them where you found them. It’s abandonment and illegal to put them back somewhere else.

Many of the cats at the shelter who used to be feral, but have conditions that prevent them from going back in the wild, are up for adoption at the shelter and looking for loving homes.

(This article was originally posted August 14, 2017)

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