Preparing for New Year's Eve Traffic

As Tri-Staters finalize their plans to ring in 2017, troopers finalize their plans to watch roads and highways.

Indiana State Police say there were more than 900 wrecks during the last New Year's holiday across the state. While some just plan to stay home, troopers want people planning to go out to stay alert.

People like celebrating new year's, but some don't like getting to it.

"Try not to. Law enforcement is going to be heavy," says Ryan Schaefer of Ruma, Illinois

"It's just more comfortable to stay at home with the wife, just enjoy the warm house, and watch the new year come in," says Dick Jones of Fort Branch.

Indiana State Police say there were 25 accidents on new year's in Vanderburgh County, three involving injuries. Sergeant Jason Allen says the traffic volume depends on the weather.  Better weather means more traffic, but more risk too.

"If it's going to be fairly clear, and we don't have a lot of participation, then we'll have a lot of folks out. Unfortunately, when we have a lot of folks out, we get a lot of drunk drivers," he says. But Sgt. Allen says he's seen more party goers get designated drivers recently.

"I've been doing this for about 16 years. When I started doing this, drunk drivers were very rampant. Lately, I'd say within the past five, the designated driver, we stop them or have contact with them, and that's good, a lot more than we do with the drunk driver nowadays," says Sgt. Allen.

Troopers say if you do spot a drunk driver behind you. don't hesitate to pull over, or call 911. Signs of a drunk driver to look for include a car swerving from lane to lane, and a car without its headlights on. 

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