Public Safety Appreciation Ceremony Honors First Responders

A Public Safety Appreciation Ceremony in downtown Evansville honored all first responders on Wednesday. 

The ceremony was put on by the Vanderburgh County Public Safety Foundation.

Evansville Police Officer Chuck Knoll says, "We run towards danger and while people run away we run in and why we do it? I can't answer that we're crazy we just want to help."

They are the number you call when in dire need, and Wednesday a ceremony honors those who put their lives on the line every day.

NYPD Deputy Chief Theresa Tobin was the keynote speaker. 

"We are working really hard, we are the number you call in a crisis we always want to be there but we need the public's help," Deputy Chief Tobin says. "Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be standing here telling my story in Evansville, but I truly am honored to do so."

Law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT's, paramedics and dispatchers all know too well the sacrifices made on 9/11.

Deputy Chief Tobin was there, and lived to share her story in Evansville. 

"To hear the roar of a commercial jet that low in Manhattan and then imploding into the building you knew for sure that we were under attack," Deputy Chief Tobin says. 

"To hear her personal story, it rocks you," Knoll says. "It rocks you."

In an emotional speech, Deputy Chief Tobin explains the one thing she'll never forget.

"I think it's profound sadness at watching people jump who were above the floors where we knew we weren't going to be able to get them out and that jumping was considered a better alternative than to face the flames that were right behind them," Tobin says.

In danger or trouble, it's first responders who can change a life. 

"It just creates a family bond you just can't describe it," Knoll says. 

But the brotherhood will never change and we will never forget.

"I hope in telling the story is that we remain true to the words we will never forget," Tobin says. 

This was the first time for the event, but they plan on having it every year on September 11. 

(This story was originally published August 24, 2017)

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