Quail Crossing Announces New Staff, Improvements

“The owners are now neighbors,” said Quail Crossing director of operations Michelle Johnson. 

After a year and a half of dreaming what could be, Boonville is ready to turn Quail Crossing into what it once was.

“Bring Quail Crossing back to the standards that it was six to seven years ago,” said Boonville Mayor Charlie Wyatt.

The Mayor announcing the new director of operations, Michelle Johnson and director of golf, Darrel Conner.

The three excited about the facelift the course desperately needs.

“Let’s not flunk the IQ test this is a golf course the number one priority for us is to get these greens to the point where people can come out and enjoy the course,” said Johnson. 

Pricing will range from $14-22 depending on the number of holes played.

“Cause we want a good value for people’s money it’s their recreation dollars,” said Mayor Wyatt. 

Taking locals input along the way as they make the changes.

“Residents and people of this community have stopped by to tell us they’re very excited that we’re here. They’re extremely excited,” said Johnson.

Wanting the community and residents to be proud of what’s in their backyard.

“Something that’s a jewel,” said Wyatt.

Telling Eyewitness News the fixes are minor and it shouldn’t be long before the course is back in action.

“Let’s get the greens back let’s have all 18 holes ready to go so we can start letting this course do for the city what the city wants it to do,” said Conner. 

(This story was originally published September 12, 2017)

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