Questions Still Surround Truck on Sandbar

It was a weekend full of spectators along the Evansville riverfront as dozens of people wanted to be there to see when the owner of a truck parked on a sandbar was finally going to move the vehicle.

The truck was discovered on a sand bar on Friday.

It's been drawing people down to the water to see what the owner is going to do next.

A smaller crowd showed up to see an attempt on Sunday, but the driver didn't show up.

The truck sat alone on the sandbar with no one around attempting to take it off.

Many now believe that it's all a hoax – that the driver didn't actually drive it to the sandbar as some claim he did.

Onlooker Darla Milligan said on Monday, “It's just good fun – maybe illegal fun - but at this point the city needs a little bit of something fun like this.”

While the driver keeps saying he'll be putting on a show for it to come off, some folks are tired of waiting.

The city has yet to say what it plans to do if the truck isn't removed.

The driver is planning to meet with Eyewitness News on Monday evening to discuss what's going on.

(This story was originally published on September 11, 2017)

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