Rally to Support Education, Oppose KY House Bill 520 in Henderson

A Kentucky bill passed in the house last Friday catching fire here at home.

Henderson County School officials are among the critics, saying the bill could lower funding for local public schools. 

The Young Democrats of Henderson hosted a rally outside of the Henderson courthouse Thursday evening. Teachers as well as local and state lawmakers were among those attending.

The rally, aimed at supporting education, while also opposing Kentucky house bill 520.

Jeremy Randolph, treasurer of Young Democrats of Henderson said, "I've talked to educators former and current and none of them have said that H.B. 520 is a good idea."

Kentucky house bill 520 passed in the general assembly nearly a week ago.

The fate of Kentucky students now in the hands of the state senate.

The consequences if passed-- weighing on the shoulders of many across the state-- and right here in Henderson.

"I don't think it has to do with republicans or democrats, it has to do with the children and their future,” Randolph said.

The bill would establish charter schools in the Commonwealth.

A public school run independently of a school district.

What many call a public school of choice.

Megan Mortis with Henderson County Schools said, "our concerns include local tax payer dollars going into a different county or states and charter schools not offering free and reduced lunch, and the financial impact it could have on public schools."

A new kind of education that Henderson County Schools say locally-- it could mean a nearly $800,000 loss of revenue for every 200 students who switch schools.

Each student leaving their current public school-- taking roughly $4,000 of SEEK money-- funded by local tax payer dollars-- virtually anywhere.

"its going to pull funding from public schools here in Henderson County and I think that is a terrible idea,” Randolph said,"there's no proof it does better than public schools, it just seems like a waste of time."

But local and state legislators, teachers, and the Young Democrats of Henderson--trying to keep the loss to a minimum-- no matter what the senate votes.

Kaycee Garner, President of Young Democrats of Henderson said,"were trying to at least get revisions put on the bill and hopefully put in some better wording to protect more of our public schools."

And many others across the bluegrass-- doing the same. 

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