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Raw Video: Evansville Police address Friday night shooting

Evansville Police shares new information with Eyewitness News on a Friday night shooting that killed two.

What was covered in the Evansville Police press conference?

Sgt. Jason Cullum discusses the timeline of events, officers' body camera and surveillance footage, and answers media questions surrounding the event.

What happened Friday night?

Police responded to a 911 call Friday night near the 2400 block of North Kentucky Avenue. Neighbors told police Barry Freeman had been shooting his gun.

When officers arrived, they say they confronted Freeman but he retreated and began opening fire on police vehicles.

Officers say he used an AR-15 and a shotgun.

They say victim Jeffery Kempf was checking on a neighbor and was caught in the crossfire. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

EPD believes Freeman was targeting police based on his actions and what he told another neighbor.


Detective Kyle Thiry is the officer who shot Freeman in the chest with his rifle. Freeman later died in the hospital.

EPD says officers were able to confine Freeman to a small area and Thiry potentially prevented more people from being killed.

Police say Freeman's gunfire hit four law enforcement vehicles, four homes and two businesses.


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