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Restorations Underway As Henry Cook Mansion Gets New Owner

The Henry Cook Mansion was built in 1899 and it looks its age. After more than 20 years of being vacant and damaged, there is hope of renewing its lease...on life. 

"Now that I'm the new owner it's exciting again because the house will actually be restored," Lucas Neuffer says. 

Neuffer has a history with the Henry Cook Mansion, located at 610 N Fulton Avenue in Evansville, as he's been interested in it since before he can remember. He first set foot in the mansion in February and a few months later he officially owns it. 

"It's never been bought or saved by anyone and I love a challenge to be honest," Neuffer says. 

From the moment Neuffer stepped inside, the colonial revival style mansion felt like it was his, taking notes on how he could fix it up. 

"They really built the houses to last and be of quality and plus they have the history behind them," Neuffer says. 

From custom finishes to intricate and original details, it was a job Eric Scott couldn't pass up. 

"I like this kind of work the custom work I like a challenge," Scott says. 

Scott is the owner of S&S Elite Renovations LLC. 

Scott explains the biggest challenge will be keeping things in tact and making sure not to damage any significant parts. 

The mansion will be 118 years old this year, and it could be the biggest birthday yet as the restorations begin. 

Neuffer plans on keeping as much of the original mansion as possible. 

The restoration will take a couple of years but when finished Neuffer plans on living there and eventually opening it up to the public. 

(This story was originally published August 12, 2017)

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