River Kitty Cat Cafe Moving Forward

A cafe that lets you cuddle up with a cat while drinking your cup of joe is moving closer to becoming a reality.

Plans for the River Kitty Cat Cafe are presented to the Evansville Site Review Committee Monday.

The coffee shop would be at 226 Main Street.

Co-owners Nancy Drake and Annette Gries did quell fears some people had about combining animals and food.

They say the food preparation area will be separate from the cat room. The people that work in the food prep area will not enter the cat room, and vice versa.

Drake and Gries say they plan to have floor to ceiling glass windows and doors separating the cat room from the rest of the cafe. This would allow people to enjoy watching the cats play, without having to be around them if they don’t want to be.

" At the same time, I think you want to be kind of adventurous with what you're presenting to these cats because they're living there until they find their forever home and get adopted,” said Nancy Drake, “So it will be an incredible array of items for cats because they like to live up."

You won’t be able to bring your own cats to the café. The cats there will be adoptable from the Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Drake and Gries hope to open the cafe in June.

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