Santa Claus Suprises Family Whose Home Was Ransacked

The Goad family had an encounter with a Grinch, who stole not just presents, but almost all of their belongings. Thankfully, a special guest from the North Pole stopped by the family's home saving Christmas. 

Cathy Goad says, "We'll struggle for a little bit but we'll make it through somehow."

It was the nightmare eight days before Christmas. 

The Goad family's home was ransacked with not just their Christmas spirits stolen, but presents as well. But someone came from miles away to make their day. 

"He's the best person in the world right now," Cathy Goad says. 

"It's heartwarming," Santa says. "They were really down I could tell when I walked in and when I got ready to leave I could just feel their spirits uplifted."

After having everything stolen, there's no doubt the man with a beard and red suit helped give back some of the family's Christmas spirit. 

Madison Goad says, "I just thought it was amazing to see my brother smile for the first time in a year."

Scott and Leland Goad say they couldn't ask for anything better. 

Cathy Goad says, "Just to watch the kids smile and to see them happy from all the tears yesterday it was amazing. "

"I know how they feel so that's why I did it," Santa says. 

The Goads were in the process of moving out of their home on E. Missouri Street. Friday night that home was ransacked and trashed. What wasn't stolen had water damage. 

After the tragedy, Jayce Goad, who has always been afraid of Santa, gave him a hug for the first time.

"Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and God bless everybody," Santa says. 

The Goad family were full of tears of joy and say that the community's help means the world to them.

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