Scabies Breaks Out on USI Campus

Faculty and students at the University of Southern Indiana Friday afternoon were being urged to get to the campus health center, after an itch started being called an outbreak.

The thing getting under every body's skin- Scabies.

Scabies is a skin condition where very small mites bury into your skin and lay eggs, and it is spread by close contact with those infected, through sharing close sleeping quarters, towels, or clothing.

Something that can spread like wild fire in a cramped college dorm or student apartment.

Molly Lambert, a freshman at USI said, "it really freaked me out because you know you have a bunch of people living in these tight quarters, kind of close to each other."

Lambert said, "I hadn't heard much until we got an email from our housing and residential life, and it was basically saying there had been a couple cases of Scabies in apartments and in dorms."

Lambert said,” I was a little concerned so I had texted and contacted my R.A., and she was like don't worry its not effecting our actual residence hall, but I had heard another dorm did have a floor that had a couple cases."

USI, finding a way to swat the fly, or mite, by reminding students to keep up good hygiene.

Lambert said, "that's mostly what they've been telling us to do, is make sure your washing your towels and your sheets and things like that in hot water."

John Fischer, a senior at USI, said "I just kind of skimmed the email enough to know this is a thing that happened, and that you should probably wash your sheets, which I did when I got home."

USI released this statement Friday.

“University of Southern Indiana faculty, staff and students are being asked to be vigilant to help minimize the spread of a small number of confirmed cases of scabies on campus. Individuals confirmed with the condition have been or are being treated, and steps have been taken to identify and prevent the spread to others who may have had close, direct contact with these individuals. Any related on-campus living or common spaces have been or are being thoroughly cleaned.”

The University Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and students, faculty and staff have been directed to use those services or contact a local health care provider for diagnosis or treatment. The University Health Center also has posted additional information about scabies, its signs and symptoms, diagnosis, home care instructions and more online.

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