Search Begins for New Contractors on Construction Projects


Published 01/11 2017 05:57PM

Updated 01/11 2017 06:00PM


As the bankruptcy case of Peyronnin Construction makes it way through federal court in Evansville, project managers in western Kentucky look to restart projects the company worked on.

Among them: a new water plant and advanced tech center.

The only thing moving at these construction sites is the wind.

"We were astounded and very disappointed," says Scott Williams, Owensboro Community and Technical College President.

"I've never been involved in anything to set us back like this," adds Sacramento Mayor Betty Howard.

One project hit by the bankruptcy is the new regional water plant in Calhoun, which will provide water to several McLean County cities. It was 80% complete as of this week. County officials and engineers are looking for new contractors for the plant scheduled to open later this year. work could be delayed by a few months. Howard says time is important with other plants, like one in  Livermore, are showing their age.

"Parts are not available. There are so many state requirements that they can't meet," she said, describing the condition of the Livermore water plant. "The plant is too old."

Another delayed project is the new Industry Innovation Center at Owensboro Community and Technical College, which was 30% completed as of this week. School officials say the $12 million dollar building was supposed to be open for classes in Spring of next year. Williams says state officials will select a new contractor, but timeline could depend on bankruptcy proceedings. Classes expected to move in to the new building may have to stay at current sites if it's not ready.

"The programs that are moving in to those buildings will still be able to operate where they're at. There may not be a delay in that time. There's potential this could resolve itself in a couple of months."

Officials say projects Peyronnin was working on were insured. Attorneys representing the company did not return our calls for comment.

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