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Shawneetown woman to appear on 'WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE'

A Tri-State woman fulfilled her dream of having the chance to become a millionaire, and will get the chance to watch it when “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE” airs at 6:30 pm on Wednesday.


"I actually tried out in Evansville a number of years ago during the Regis era, and then last summer I saw that ‘Millionaire’ was having tryouts in Nashville, Tennessee. So it was close. I couldn't pass up the opportunity,” said Emily Rollman from Shawneetown.


Who wants to be a millionaire?


Rollman does.


And after a series of tests and interviews, she got her shot. She was prepared, but then again she always is.


"Obviously having a great memory helps. I've always been a reader. That's a key to learning the kind of trivia knowledge that's required. And then I think just having that background where I worked in television many years ago helped me."


That's right, Rollman was an editor at News 25 in the mid 2000s, so she's used to cameras and a studio, but this was different.


"It looks so much larger on TV than it actually is in real life,” Rollman said. "And the studio audience is much closer to you than it looks like on TV…  It's definitely a more stressful atmosphere than what you would think."


Rollman can't share too much from the experience. Instead, she'll let people watch it unfold when the episode airs Wednesday. She'll be watching with coworkers, and then again with family on Friday.


"I think it'll be a little surreal, probably a little awkward,” Rollman said. "If I were setting my DVR, no spoilers, but I might also set it for the next day just in case."


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(This story was originally published on April 24, 2018)  

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