Some western Kentucky schools stay open during ice, accidents

The ice led to nearly seventy accidents across Daviess County, and led to closures of the Blue Bridge and parts of Highway 60. Yet some Daviess County schools still had classes. Some parents were outraged at that decision.

Daviess County Public School superintendent Matt Robbins says there were several factors leading to their decision to keep schools open. But some parents and residents disagree with that decision.

As students return home from school, some wonder if they should've been in class to begin with.

"I was worried because I had my family on the street at the time," says Tonya Brug, who has children attending Daviess County Public Schools.

"I think if they heard about that they should have automatically called school off. It doesn't look good for the school board to keep school going when you have kids in a school bus on the side of the road," adds Kayla Ramos of Owensboro.

In western Daviess County, a school bus slid off lake town road near Stanley.  A witness says it happened while the bus was turning around in a driveway.  Sheriff deputies say no injuries were reported. The dozens of wrecks led to parts of the Owensboro by-pass and one lane of the Blue Bridge closing.

"We made the best decision we could make at the hour we had to make it," says Daviess County Public School Superintendent Matt Robbins. He says they made their decision around 5:30 A.M. Wednesday, before accidents started happening. That decision had to be made at that time. Robbins says they couldn't reverse their call once the wrecks started, and at that time, buses were at least half full.

"Some had asked, 'Why didn't you cancel after the fact?' Well, we were already out on the roads with students on buses at that point and time. We can't reverse because we were in that same position," he says.

"You couldn't predict it. You probably, maybe should have, yes," says Brug. "I'd rather get the call an hour before than have something happen."

Robbins also tells us they'll be using events like today's to review their processes for the future. 

Owensboro public schools, also stayed open today. A spokesman says they made their call after determining city streets were safe enough for buses to travel.

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(This story was originally published on Feb. 7, 2018)

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