Stalemate Over Education Funding Bill Raises Concern in White Co.

A week from Wednesday, schools in southern Illinois are scheduled to start, but the stalemate over the education funding bill leaves some concerned. 

"Well I think it's pretty sad the Republicans and Democrats can't come together on something as important as a budget for school systems," Carmi resident Tim Pollard says. 

The sound of frustration and concern for students fills the air in southern Illinois as the state has not yet agreed on a way to fund school districts. 

Grayville resident and parent Beth Ratliff says, "It's very sad we don't even know if we will have band this year it's pitiful."

Carmi White County Superintendent Brad Lee says, "It's frustrating but you know we just have to go on and do the best we can and what's best for our kids."

Lee says there is always concern, but the problems with the state didn't develop overnight. 

"I just hope at some point the legislative leaders and governor can agree on a funding model and get some money flowing so schools can do what they're supposed to do," Lee says. 

White County resident and parent Kent Roser agrees. "It concerns me, but I don't really think it will be a problem," Roser says. 

But for other parents, as the budget decision still sits in Springfield, it's not sitting well with them. 

"I feel they are not getting the opportunities that other schools are and it's not fair to them," Ratliff says. 

"I think it's frustrating," Pollard says. "They can't come together I mean this is important, education is important, the future of our youth is important."

Lee says they will start school as scheduled on Wednesday next week and will continue to be in session as long as they can in hopes a resolution will be made soon.

(This story was originally posted August 9, 2017)

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