Suspect Stealing Christmas Light Caught On Security Camera

Christmas is less than a month away. People are getting into the spirit, putting up light decorations and their trees. But one neighborhood in Evansville might have a Christmas scrooge on the loose. 

"I went to work one morning and I realized my light is gone," Richard Karns of Evansville says. 

Most people know the story about how the Grinch stole Christmas. But Marshall St. has a Grinch of its own, stealing Christmas lights. 

Karns says, "Christmas lights kind of go in hand with caring for your property showing 'Hey we're festive we want to light up the neighborhood.'"

It was the night before work, when all through Karns street, not a car was driving by, not even a peep. 

Until a Christmas scrooge showed up in his front lawn. 

A suspect is caught on Karn's security cameras taking his new Christmas lazer light he bought for the holidays. 

"Christmas is about giving not stealing," Karns says. 

He only had the light for two days. 

The footage was shared on Facebook and has many people talking. 

"I was kind of shocked that somebody would want a Christmas light but I guess you can resell anything," Karns says. 

While this isn't the first time Karns has had something stolen, he hopes the suspect will learn not every story has a merry ending. 

"It could have went bad for him," Karns says. "If I had been up it could have gone differently so he's lucky I didn't see him."

Karns is looking into finding a light similar to the one that was stolen. He plans on finding a way to secure it to avoid the Marshall St. Grinch from stealing it again. 

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