Terminally Ill Man Pays it Forward to Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff's Dept.

"You can't take it with you.”

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives, and David Hudson is planning on making every second of the last year of his life count.

"I have stage four terminal cancer prostate cancer, which has gone into my bones now, and the doctors have given me a year or so,"said Hudson.

Wednesday morning,he succeeded, as Hudson donated $2,000 to Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department's K9 division, in order to save the lives of those who he says make life living in the first place.

I always had a love for the four-legged fur babies, I don't care if it's a police dog, or your own four-legged fur baby,” said Hudson.

That love only growing after Hudson's time with the Saint Louis County Police Department.

“As soon at that officer takes off his uniform, that canine looks up at its mom and dad, as soon as that sheriff officer puts that uniform on, its 'sheriff, lets go,I'm ready to go back to work.'”

Work. for some on the force, makes you appreciate life much like a terminal illness.

K9s are often asked to go into the most dangerous situations, even those too dangerous for deputies themselves, but Hudson is determined to savor life, if not for himself, then for some deserving K9s.

Hudson's money is going mostly towards the newest K9 officer, King's safety vest.

But his donation is also giving a little something back to him.

Hudson said,"that's what life's all about, pay it forward, if you give in some way or another it will give back to you."

King, the K9 receiving the bullet proof vest thanks to Hudson was also purchased completely with money from public donations.

Wedding says it costs roughly $15,000 dollars to purchase and train a K9 officer and its partner. 

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