Third 'Walk to Remember' Not Any Easier for Families

It's been about two years since a drunk driving accident took the life of Logan Brown, a young man with tons of promise. But that promise lives on in the form of the Walk to Remember.

The pain never goes away for Charles Brown, but he's comforted knowing he doesn't walk alone.

“You know the unfortunate side is we continue to have accidents happen and we continue to gain victims in this walk, and this movement just get's that much stronger,” Brown said.

Megan Malchioni's son was best friend to Logan. She walked with others to Logan’s cross Sunday, but she also remembers the first walk.

"And then, you know, several, not quite two years later; three of my family were killed by a drunk driver. It's emotional. It's always been emotional. This year has a little bit even more meaning,” Malchioni said, referencing her cousin David Rinehart, his mother Ruth Ann Rinehart and daughter Sophie Rinehart.

For the families and friends of Logan, the Rineharts and all the other lives taken too soon, the walk down memory lane is one full of emotion.

"I think it's definitely a happy day, because seeing all these people come together and signing the board, saying they're never gonna drink and drive, that's just an awesome and rewarding feeling,” Lainey Grubbs said. She was friends with both Logan Brown and Sophie Rinehart.

To Evansville’s mayor, the solidarity shown came as no surprise, but was still worth commending.

“And therefore be it resolved that I Lloyd Winnecke, mayor of the city of Evansville, do hereby proclaim March 13th through 19th 2017 as Logan's Promise Drunk Driving Victims Remembrance Week in the city of Evansville."

For the man behind it all, the designation goes a long way in achieving Logan's Promise ultimate mission.

"You know, our message is simple. It's all about choices. And there's plenty of choices out there, and I commit to anybody in the community that I would personally come and get them if it meant saving a life, and being able to keep them off the road. So there's always options, and utilize your options have a plan before you get started. Don't drink and drive,” Brown said.

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