Treatment center targeting opioid addiction opens in Evansville

The opioid epidemic is being felt here in the Tri-State, but officials hope a new treatment center in the area will help.

SelfRefind, an addiction treatment center targeting the Tri-State's opioid crisis is now open for business.

The new Evansville clinic off East Virginia Avenue is the first of its kind to open in the state of Indiana, offering a different take on behavior health counseling and out patient therapy.

SelfRefind says its not only aiming to help patients battle addiction, but to help the community as a whole target the opioid epidemic.

Something Vanderburgh County Sheriff David Wedding says is a step in the right direction.

"Its a fantastic tool, because anytime we can get any type of service to address addiction, and if we can keep chipping away at the numbers of people who are really addicted to drugs, its a win for all of us. I think if each year we could bring those numbers down by 10 or 12 percent, then over a five year period you're up to nearly a 50 percent reduction, and that's going to save the jails, the hospitals," said Sheriff Wedding.


Clinic officials say they will start seeing patients later this month.

SelfRefind says this is the first of several locations they plan to open in the state over the next two years.

They already have clinics open in Kentucky and Ohio.

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