Tri-State Company to Test Trash Collecting Device in Pigeon Creek

Pigeon Creek will soon be the proving grounds for a Tri-State company's newest product which is intended to rid the waterway of floating trash and debris.

On Thursday afternoon, the Evansville Board of Public Works approved an agreement between the city and Carmi-based Elastec. the agreement will allow Elastec to test a new product called Brute Bin at one of the tributaries of Pigeon Creek Using two booms, the device re-directs floating trash into a large receptacle.

Stormwater Coordinator Karan Barnhill said the company approached the city with the idea.

"I jumped on it as quick as I could. this is a test product and it's the only one [Elastec] has made," Barnhill said. "They're wanting to use it in the city of Evansville."

The tributary that flanks Lamasco Park on the city's west side will be the test site of the new device. Trash and debris is scattered across the site, especially along the banks and natural dams. The trash includes plastic cups, beer cans and other paper products.

"Pigeon Creek has a lot of floatables in it," Barnhill said. "[The test area] also has two out-falls from basically the west side of Evansville. All of the storm water from that area goes into that spot."

The Board of Public Works unanimously approved the agreement. Board President Marty Amsler said it's a win-win situation because the device will come at no cost to the taxpayers for the first six months. After that time period, the city will have the option of purchasing the device at half-price.

"It could be very beneficial, especially if you look at all the trash that comes down Pigeon Creek, especially from some of these tributaries," Amsler said. "I think this is a real opportunity for the city of Evansville to take a look at that."

Barnhill said the device could be installed within the next couple of weeks. During the trial period, Elastec will be responsible for maintaining the device and emptying the receptacle.

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