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U.S. Senators visit Crane, Donnelly responds to GOP criticism

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly hosted his fellow U.S. Senator Jack Reed in Crane Monday. It’s a place Donnelly says is critical to the nation's defense, and his guest, the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, agreed.


"When you're facing a difficult situation, the captain yells all hands on deck. And guess what? What i saw today was all hands on deck,” Reed said.


"When we have navy ships out there with missiles, with other technologies, it is loaded with technologies from crane, that those men and women who are serving on those ships, their lives in very many ways are dependent on the work done here,” Donnelly said.


The two toured Crane's Naval Surface Warfare Center, and took part in a discussion at nearby WestGate Academy about the hard work being done there by Hoosiers.


But according to one of Donnelly’s potential opponents in the U.S. Senate race, he doesn’t have Hoosiers’ best interests in mind.


"Joe Donnelly runs around or state telling everybody that he's a conservative, and he goes to Washington DC, and he votes with the liberal leadership in Washington 85 percent of the time,” said U.S. Representative Luke Messer at Sunday night’s U.S. Senate GOP debate.


Donnelly didn't mince words when responding to comments made by candidates Messer and Todd Rokita (both U.S. Representatives), and businessman Mike Braun,


"Here's the problem for these folks. They think the job of a United States Senator is to simply be a parrot for somebody else,” Donnelly said. “I voted with the president 62 percent of time, and what I tried to do is when i didn't think the president was correct, I tried to work with him.”


“That's the job. They don't seem to understand that."


There is some common ground


The three GOP candidates aligned with the president when it comes to the Syrian missile strike, and Donnelley says he agrees with the decision as well.


But he says, like the work being done in Crane, collaboration will be key in deciding what to do next.


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(This story was originally published on April 16, 2018)

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