Walkout a step towards healing for Marshall Co. High School students

Wednesday's school walkout hit closer to home for some more than others, especially in Marshall County, Kentucky.

For mother Julie Curington, the reason behind the protest is something that hasn't left her or her Marshall County High School daughter's mind since January 23rd.

"I just started making phone calls, it was like a two hour waiting process to even see if my child was even alive or shot, it was very very emotional,” said Curington, reliving the hours after the shooting at Marshall County High School that left two dead.

Curington's sixteen year old daughter, Star, was just three feet from the shooter.

Star's mother said she helped move some of the wounded out of the high school after the shooting.

Getting back to normal in Benton has been no small feat.

"Were healing, slowly, and you can tell every day by the looks on her face sometimes that shes scared to go to school, but shes pretty brave, so she gets up and goes to school. Its going to take a while,” said Curington.

Dozens of Marshall County students walked out like others across the country Wednesday morning for the national school walkout, but for the marshals, the protest was about so much more than politics.

"it gives them a sense there's people in the world who care to come together to help you heal, and you just have to rely on them and yourselves,” said Curington.

School officials referred to the walk out as a way of healing.

Marshall County High School principal, Patricia Greer released a statement on the walkouts saying,“It was a very respectful time.  My role is to support our students, faculty and staff as we continue to walk down the path of healing.  We will continue to walk this path together and stand united.”

Even though there is still a long ways to go on Marshall County's journey of healing, every single small step counts.

"You will never get over something like that, you will never forget it, it will always be in your mind, always, you just have to take one day at a time,” said Curington.

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