Warrick Humane Society takes in dogs, helps Texas shelters

Shelters in Texas are now full of pets.

Pets that were already in Texas animal shelters are being transferred to shelters around the country, even the Tri-State.

There is the barking. then there are the quiet ones.

"It's a pretty tight fit right now," said Warrick Humane Society Executive Director Lindsey Hagedorn.

Warrick Humane Society has 20 new faces in the shelter.

All coming a long distance to find their forever home in the Tri-State, making the journey from Texas.  

"They were on a transport with a bunch of other dogs going to rescues," said Hagedorn.

It's important to note these dogs are not people's pets lost after hurricane Harvey. They've been waiting to be adopted since before the storm.

"The shelters are just trying to make room for people's pets so that they can get them once they have a place to go," said Hagedorn.

Tuesday at noon the shelter will open its doors for people who are looking to find a four-legged friend.

But the dogs won't be able to go home with their new owner until next Tuesday after a ten-day quarantine period.

“We had no idea what dogs we were getting, what kind of dogs we were getting it was kind of a surprise but it was all to help the animals,” said Hagedorn.

Many of the lone star dogs do require extra veterinary care, so adoption fees are a little higher than their other adoptable pets.

“We're hoping for a lot of adoptions this week, we've had a lot of interest in the dogs come in from Texas so I think we'll be pretty successful at that," said Hagedorn.

While they haven't gotten word yet if they'll be helping out Florida’s shelter dogs, Hagedorn tells Eyewitness News they'd be more than happy to.

If you'd like to help but can't take in a new furry friend, the shelter is looking for grain free food, puppy pads and cleaning supplies.

(This article was originally published September 11, 2017)

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