What You Should Know about Equifax Data Breach

There is a one in three chance your private information was stolen. A major credit reporting agency experienced a cyber attack affecting an estimated 143 million Americans. 
Equifax fell victim after they say criminals stole valuable information from the company leading to the cyber security attack. 
The attack compromised the social security numbers, names,drivers license numbers, addresses and birth dates of millions of Americans.
To find out if your information was compromised the company is asking you to head to www.equifaxsecurity2017.com.
You can enroll for a free one year service for credit file monitoring and identity theft protection to find out if your information was compromised.
However, you will not know right away the website will give you a date that you can log back onto the website to find out if your information was compromised.
There is a downside to the program though, there is an arbitration provision in place that limits the rights of individuals to participate in any class action against Equifax.

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