Winslow Woman Fed up with Neighbor's Trash

"Yesterday was 70 degrees out and it stunk so bad over here, I mean someone's gonna get hurt or sick, and I mean it's just ridiculous,” Stacey Montgomery said Tuesday.

Stacey Montgomery is fed up with the house across from her on East Lafayette Street in Winslow. She says the trash piling up on her neighbor's porch has been a problem for months.

Both neighbors and the town marshal have tried to talk to the woman living there.

"They’ll like, have the music blaring and then when you go to knock on the door, it's like no ones there.”

And the problem isn't just in this neighborhood.

"If you drive around Winslow, you'll see a ton of houses just with trash laying everywhere and stuff,” Winslow said.

"Why they do it? I don't understand, but it's been increasingly worse the past, within the past year,” Winslow Town Councilman Richard Brewster said.

The town was imposing a 50-dollar fee every week people living in these homes didn't pick up the trash.

But they weren’t paying up, or cleaning up.

"I want the trash cleaned up, and the town to take more responsibility instead of making up excuses,” Montgomery said.

The town council met March 13th, and revised an ordinance so that the town can go in and remove the trash itself.

The town will then pass the bill along to the owner, and if the owner doesn’t pay, the town will file a tax lien.

People living in the homes have 30 days to clean up the trash themselves before the town steps in.

The woman living in the East Lafayette home rents, so her penalty would be at the discretion of the Jasper-based company that owns the home.

The woman told Eyewitness News the reason she hasn’t removed the trash is that she doesn’t have a car and can’t get anyone to come pick it up.

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