Woman Accused of Pushing Police Officer

A woman is accused of battery against a public safety official during an alleged domestic violence investigation.

On Thursday, Linda Latouche was arrested for allegedly pushing an Evansville Police Officer at a home in the 300 block of Herndon Ave.

Police say while they were investigating a domestic incident, Linda Latouche walked up behind an officer and started to push the officer out of a doorway.

Police say Latouche said to the officer, “Excuse me, I'm trying to get to my grandkids.”

According to police, Latouche was asked to step out of the room so authorities could speak with two juvenile kids.

That's when police say Latouche then pushed the officer again and then was forcefully removed from the room.

While a detective was interviewing Latouche, police say she grabbed the detective by the neck to place him in a chokehold “for demonstration purposes.”

At this point, police say Latouche had to be forcefully removed and was placed into custody on two charges of battery against a public safety official.

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