Lynnville Fire Crews Struggle with Two Fires in 24 Hours

Published 01/28 2014 06:28PM

Updated 01/28 2014 07:26PM

Lynnville, IN. - Fire crews in Warrick County are exhausted after battling two house fires in less than 24 hours. The first fire happened just after midnight last night. Crews worked for at least an hour to put out a vacant house fire on tecumseh road. Officials say no one was injured in that fire.

This afternoon, crews were called to yet another fire in Lynnville and Fire Chief, Bob Irvin says the quick turn around made the battle more difficult. Charred remains are what is left of this home on E. 4th street that the Reibold family has lived in for the past 20 years. Fire fighters say Dr. Riebold's wife discovered the fire that started in the wood burner.

The Fire Chief tells Eyewitness News, "she heard some type of explosion she said she went into the room and it was full of smoke".

When crews arrived they found a large blaze that needed more man power to contain it. They called on stations from Boonville and Elberfeld for help.

"You have to switch in and out quite a bit in this cold weather to give guys a break and let them thaw out a little bit", he added.

The fire gutted the home and collapsed the roof; destroying years worth of memories.

"This would've been an easy one if everything wasn't froze ", Chief Irvin says.

Fire crews worked for hours to save this home in Lynnville but, were unsuccessful.
The chief tells Eyewitness News their hoses were not thawed after battling another overnight house fire.

"It's pretty tuff to fight fire in this type of weather", he added.

When crews arrived at the home they say they were met with frozen hydrants. Their next alternative would have been the pond on the property, but that was frozen also. Restrictions by the state, the Fire chief says is limiting their access to water. Especially in freezing temperatures.

"The state board of council wont let you put water to fill your trucks inside the  stations so we have to use hydrants in front of our fire house."

Chief Irvin says if Fire Departments were allowed to have inside hydrants; he could have filled his trucks with water following the earlier fire and
perhaps save this home.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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