Man Shoots Dog 3 Times Not Charged, Dog's Owner to be Fined

Published 06/25 2014 05:36PM

Updated 06/25 2014 06:14PM

'Biscuit' the four-year-old Chesapeake Retriever is recovering. "He fired three hollow point bullets into his chest. I think he wanted to kill him and that's just sad." Angie Werner is Biscuit's owner. She says around 5:30 p.m. Thursday evening Alec Peters her son's friend opened the backdoor and Biscuit ran out. Near the backyard a neighbor was walking his dog. Biscuit started to attack the dog. Werner says Alec ran after Biscuit and when he was unable to break up the fight the neighbor started to fire.

"It's kind of scary to know that there's someone walking your neighborhood, we live in a nice quiet neighborhood, carrying a 9mm weapon that they're pretty free to fire," said Werner.

Henderson Animal Control says the dog being attacked was much smaller than Biscuit and also needed medical treatment. After being shot Biscuit retreated home.

"Biscuit actually ran to my son and just kind of fell at his feet and was bleeding profusely. My son just laid down beside him. He thought he was going to die," said Werner.

This wasn't the only time Biscuit was aggressive with this particular dog. On another occasion Biscuit attacked the dog, but the fight was broken up before either was seriously hurt. "Knowing there was that small altercation why would you continue to walk your dog twice a day in my backyard basically," said Werner.

Because the neighbor walked his dog on public property and was responding to a threat the Henderson County Commonwealth Attorney will not press charges. Instead Werner is facing a fine from animal control for breaking the leash ordinance.

"I'm fully prepared to pay my citation if that's what I need to do, but on the other hand I feel like justice needs to be served to the shooter," said Werner.

We were unable to reach Werner's neighbor. Henderson Police have closed this case and no charges will be filed.

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