Man Steals $18,000 Worth of Items at Newburgh Wal-Mart

Published 07/25 2014 06:22PM

Updated 07/26 2014 08:11PM

Take a close look at this surveillance video taken Monday evening. The Warrick County Sheriff says this man stole $18,000 worth of merchandise from the Newburgh Wal-Mart. The Sheriff says it all happened in just an hour and what's more bizarre is there was no cart or basket used to carry out the loot.

Sheriff Brett Kruse says, "what we're thinking is that he was collecting items and stashed them and took them out of the store".

That stash included an array of electronics from I-phones, to Wii controllers and other gaming devices. All small in size but, expensive. Investigators are now taking to social media to help find the suspect.

"It's important! A lot of people that don't have time for news use social media. A lot of people use social media now as their chief means of communication", added Sheriff Kruse.

In addition cameras outside Wal-Mart captured the suspected thief's car; a four door Beige-colored sedan. He faces felony theft charges if caught. The Sheriff says the  suspect may not be acting alone. Sheriff Kruse says it's very likely that the $18,000 worth of items stolen at this Wal-Mart could soon be sold on the black market.

"There is more than one person. You can't just unload this many I-phones on Craig's List, Ebay or you don't take them into a pawn shop because if you take them into a pawn shop and you've got 15 to 20 I-phones then they'll ask them questions as to where did you get these?", he adds.

Consumers should also ask questions if they suspect the items they have purchased are stolen. The Sheriff recommends going to the police to have them run the serial numbers on the items. Consequently the loss will eventually be passed on to the consumer.

"The ultimate price is paid by the consumer", Sheriff Kruse added.

If you recognize this man or know of his whereabouts you're asked to contact the Warrick County Sheriff's Office at (812) 897-6180

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