Massive County-Wide Property Auction Coming Soon

Published 07/26 2013 06:18PM

Updated 07/26 2013 06:48PM

Hundreds of properties scattered around Vanderburgh County will soon be up for auction.

If you drive around town,  you might have noticed small, white signs in front of abandoned homes and empty lots. It's all part of the county-wide property auction that will take place next month.

Auctioneers say, in total, there are 285 properties for sale, including more than 100 houses.

Most of the properties will come with deep discounts.

"The lots will sell from anywhere from $10 to several thousands," said Trent Sohn, auctioneer and part owner at Sohn & Associates. "Last year, we had houses that brought anywhere from $500 to the highest one being probably $30 to $40,000 and everywhere in between."

The houses are sold as-is. The auction will starts at ten on August 22nd at Sohn and Associates at 4800 Ohara Drive. Just bring an ID and a checkbook.

Click here to see the properties up for auction.

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