McStoots Sentenced to 20 Years

Published 05/08 2014 05:12PM

Updated 05/08 2014 05:29PM

Twenty years. That's how long an Ohio County man will spend in prison for allowing a toddler to drink a meth making ingredient last year.

Jared McStoots was sentenced this morning, for his role in the poisoning of little Frankee. The toddler drank liquid fire, an ingredient used to manufacture meth. Earlier this year, Frankee's mom , Rachael Arroyo, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Two decades in jail for a crime that only took a moment to happen.

"It's an incredibly sad situation," says attorney Steven Dowell.

Jared McStoots was sentenced this morning to charges that include wanton endangerment, meth manufacturing, and child endangerment.  The charges stem from the poisoning of two-year old Frankee, the daughter of then-girlfriend Rachael Arroyo, who was suffered severe chemical burns after swallowing a meth making ingredient.  It happened at a Fordsville home last June.  McStoots's attorney Steven Dowell says McStoots tried to get out of the plea deal reached this spring.

"His initial discussion with me centered upon whether or not he understood what had gone on in that point in time and whether he knowingly and intelligently waived his right to a jury trial," he says.

 Rachael Arroyo was sentenced to 15 years for her role in the incident.  Dowell says there wasn't any reason for McStoots to get a stiffer sentence than her.

"I was curious myself as to why someone that doesn't have any legal obligation to this child, why he would get a stiffer sentence than the child's own mother," he says.

Dowell says they're now weighing whether to appeal the sentence.

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