4K For Cancer Jogs Into The Tristate

Published 07/16 2014 09:35PM

Updated 07/16 2014 09:38PM

The running group 4k For Cancer sprints its way into the tristate.

It's just one stop in their four-thousand mile journey across the country.

Twenty-five runners, from across the nation, team up to travel their way from San Francisco to Baltimore in forty-two days.

The Baltimore-based organization has been around for thirteen years.

These young athletes run to raise awareness for those effected by cancer.

Step-by-step, these runners hope every mile will make a difference.

"The twenty-five teammates that we have here are some of the most dedicated, driven, and hardworking people, with the biggest caring hearts," says Natalie Rooney.

Run Director, Natalie Rooney, says the group 4K For Cancer is going the distance, four-thousand miles to be exact. They will travel from San Francisco to Baltimore, all to raise awareness for cancer.

"Its really been awesome to see, coast to coast, the generosity of people all across the country has been awesome," says Rooney.

The forty-two day journey started June 15th.

"We're typically out running anywhere from six to eight hours a day. Each runner covers anywhere from eight to fourteen miles per day, but it's done in smaller chunks. You may do a three mile chunk, hop in the van, wait you turn, twenty to thirty minutes, then do another three mile chunk," explains Rooney.

Seeing the country by foot comes with it's challenges, especially when crossing the desert.

"It was very hot, very dry," says Rooney.

These runners over come the challenges by keeping someone special in mind. Rooney says they begin every morning with their 'dedication circle.'

"Each day, every runner dedicates their day to someone who has been effected by cancer, whether they're a survivor, they lost their battle, or if they are currently fighting."

"It's just amazing what these young people are doing." Tonight the group will stay with the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Evansville. They formed a bond last year after

congregation member, Christie Jones, was diagnosed with cancer.

"Everyone followed their story and kept in touch with us. Everyone of them had Christie on the back of their legs," says Pam Wrucke.

Though she's passed, Christie's memory lives on through out the runners. They will be back at it tomorrow.

Before the sun rises their shoes will be tied, ready to run for a reason.

The organization also gives out two scholarships for young adults who have suffered from cancer, and have visited numerous hospitals.

Their next stop will be Louisville, Kentucky.

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